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Variable Speed Pump Systems

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Smoothflow manufactures and supplies packaged pumping pressure systems to building industry. Variable speed pressure system is one of Smoothflow major products which adapt VSD drivers.

The systems cover small domestic town mains water pressure system and multiple pumps for big buildings. 

The packed pumping pressure systems include:

Ø  Single-pump pressure system

Ø  Dual-pump pressure system

Ø  Triplex pump pressure system

Ø  Quad pump pressure system

Benefits of VSDs


What is variable speed pump system?

With a variable speed pump system, a pressure sensor is installed on the pump discharge. And the system pressure will be maintained on a setting level. The system flow will vary in a certain range by changing electric motor speed which controlled by VSDs or VFDs controllers.

VSDs offer several benefits, some of which are relatively easy to quantify, and oth­ers of which are less tangible.


Energy Savings

With centrifugal pump installations, savings of between 30% and 50% have been achieved in many installations by installing VSDs. Where positive displacement pumps are used, energy consumption tends to be directly proportional to the volume pumped and savings are readily quantified.


Improved Process Control

By matching pump output flow or pressure directly to the process requirements, small variations can be corrected more rapidly by a VSD than by other control forms, which improves process performance.  There is less likelihood of flow or pressure surges when the control device provides rates of change, which are virtu­ally infinitely variable.


Improved System Reliability

Any reduction in speed achieved by using a VSD has major benefits in reducing pump wear, particularly in bearings and seals.  Furthermore, by using reliability indices, the additional time periods between maintenance or breakdowns can be accurately computed.


Estimating Pumping Energy Costs

To compare different system and pumping equipment proposals and make an intelligent choice, some basic facts will need to be established.


Ø  Will the process require varying flow rate, and, if so, must it be continuously variable or can flow rate be varied in steps?

Ø  Can on-off batch pumping be used?

Ø  What is the peak flow rate and how is the flow rate distributed over time?



Ø  Flange Connections are for piping system.

Ø  Rubber Flexible Joints are used on manifolds for ease of installation.

Ø  Isolators on Main Pipes are used for isolating pump unit and allowing testing done at any time.

Ø  Isolation Valves are used on each branch.

Ø  Check Valves are used on discharge branch.

Ø  Run And Fault notification on each pump controller

Ø  Pressure Transducer on discharge

Ø  BMS outputs

Easy Installation





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