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Fire Pump Enclosure

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Smoothflow is specialized in fire pump systems and their Standards AS2419, AS2941 and AS2118 and have 23 years’ 16097470253263.pngexperience.

Beginning with adopting a heavy duty 150mm galvanised steel channel base, Smoothflow Firepump enclosures are manufactured at Smoothflow workshop in Ingleburn. The finest quality parts, such as power-coated HDG panels, are selected to guarantee the pump security.

Galvanized C Channel Structure is a guarantee for the ease of loading, unloading or relocating

Fire Pump Enclosures Features:

Ø  Single pump or dual pump systems

Ø  Diesel and / or electric driven systems

Ø  Full height door access and internal lighting triggered by door-opening.  

Ø  Anti-slippery HDG floor to access panel and fuel tank. 16097471197531.png

Ø  Prewired external strobe light with alarm.  

Ø  Fully galvanised steel construction and Powder-coated finish

Ø  Robust structure for sling lifting from base.

Ø  All internal pipework and valving and 003 padlocks for locking parts

Ø  Exhaust system with internal lagging.

Ø  All internal wiring, lighting and power outlet

Ø  Fully compliant with all Australian Standards

Ø  Ventilated to meet the pumps requirements

Ø  Drains fully plumbed to common drain

Ø  Fully plumbed, and sealed exhaust system complete with rain cap


Pump Enclosure Installation

Saving installation time is a major key to success on any project. This is also Smoothflow design principle.

To use Smoothflow Firepump Enclosure, the installer only needs to do on-site:

Ø  Connect suction and discharge pipes from outside of enclosure

Ø  Connect waste water to drain from outside of enclosure

Ø  Power supply and wiring to fire pump panel

Ø  Power supply and wiring to jacking pump panel




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