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Stormwater Pumps

What are stormwater pumps?

Stormwater pumps (also known as sewer pumps) are submersible pumps used to pump out unwanted stormwater from an area. Stormwater pump are used in areas which are prone to flooding. These areas often include:

·         Car parks

·         Driveways

·         Large open areas

·         Industrial buildings

·         Residential buildings

·         Commercial buildings

Why are stormwater pumps necessary?

In most areas, drains are used to remove water from an area after it rains. Drains however, rely on the gravitational flow of the water. In some instances, this gravitational flow may not be enough to remove all of the water or the drain may be blocked. In these cases, flooding would occur. Stormwater pumps are used to mechanically remove this excess water so that flooding can be prevented.

What does a stormwater pump station include?

Stormwater pump stations typically require a submersible pump, a control panel and PVC valves in order to connect to the rest of the stormwater system. Stormwater pumps are typically installed underground in pits. Below is a diagram showing how a stormwater pump should be installed.


Stormwater pumps for sale

Smoothflow offers an array of stormwater pump kits which include a submersible pump, a control panel and PVC valves. Our stormwater pump kits allow for easy installation and high performance stormwater removal. Contact us for a quote or for more details.

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