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Packaged Pump Stations

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Packaged Pump Stations

Pump stations are, also called a pump house in situations such as intermediate water station, drilled wells and PS Part List.jpgdrinking water, are pumping facilities including pumps and tanks for pumping liquids from one place to another. They are needed in many different places for a variety of uses.


Pump Stations

Smoothflow Polyethylene Pump Stations for sewage, stormwater & wastewater are the quick and reliable and cost-effectively solutions for any situations when gravity is not an option. With the feather of flexibility to meet site's requirements, they are ideal for domestic, commercial, industrial and mining settings.



Ø  Packaged, ready to install. Loose component kits supplies as option

Ø  A wide range of submersible pumps can be installed into pumping stations for different applications

Ø  Many optional extras available, such as a guide rail system.

Ø  Available under ground and above groundFloat Switch Setup.jpg

Ø  Available in single pump and dual pumps

Ø  High level alarm as option

Ø  Access covers: available  in Poly, Class B and Class D

Click PDF documents for detailed specifications.

Please DOWNLOAD PDF document below for float switch setup instruction

Refer to Categories of Tanks, Control Panel to view specs for other components.

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