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Booster Assemblies - General

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Booster Assemblies

Booster assemblies consists of an arrangement of pipes, valves and other specialised equipment and are used as an attachment point for fire brigades to add additional water to a fire hydrant system in the event of an emergency. Booster assemblies are often required by law and thus need to meet strict quality standards

Smoothflow offers a range of booster assemblies and booster assembly parts manufactured to meet the requirements of AS2419.1.

Booster Assemblies by Smoothflow

·         Booster assemblies are manufactured to conform to the requirements of AS2419.1

·         Couplings, Fittings and Valves are UL/FM approved

·         All fabricated components are Hot Dipped Galvanised as required in AS2419.1

·         Pre-assembled in workshop for ease of installation

·         Hydrant Booster Cabinets are available for all booster sizes and configurations upon request.

·         Available in 65nb, 80nb, 100nb,  150nb and 200nb.

·         Please nominate connection type. LH or RH entry, Valves (Butterfly or Gate) required to suit relevant water authority requirements.


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Australian Standards -   AS2419.1 and AS2118.1

General Requirements:

Clause 7.5:  Fire Brigade Booster Assembly Design And Arrangement (AS2419.1)

In AS2419-1-2017, there are some changes effective immediately for fire sprinkler & hydrant booster installations.


7.5.1 (b) Where an ‘H’ pattern, ‘in-line’ or ‘I’ pattern fire brigade booster assembly is installed-

 (i) an isolating valve in accordance with Clause and a full flow non-

     return valve in accordance with Clause 9.4.3 shall be installed above

     ground, and between the fire hydrant valves and booster inlet 

     connections of the fire brigade booster assembly (the full flow non-

     return valve shall be installed downstream of the isolating valve); and

 (ii) the direction of water flow through the fire brigade booster assembly

      shall be indicated in accordance with AS 1345.

 7.5.1 (g) An isolating valve in accordance with Clause shall be

               installed immediately downstream of the boost inlet connections.

9.4.4       Backflow prevention devices

Backflow prevention devices shall conform with AS/NZS 2845.1.

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