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Groove Fittings

Refer to relative pages for details of groove fittings


Smoothflow supplies following groove fittings

Groove Couplings

Angle contact rigid couplings

Slip-on couplings

Flexible couplings

Reducing couplings

Groove Elbows

900 Groove Elbows

450 Groove Elbows

22.50 Groove Elbows

11.250 Groove Elbows

Reducing Elbows

End Run Tee/Elbow

 Groove tees

Standard Tees

Reducing Tees

Bull Head Tees

End Run Tees

 Groove mechanical tees

Groove-ends mechanical tees

Thread-ends mechanical tees


Groove crosses

Standard crosses

Groove reducing crosses

Threaded reducing crosses

 Groove flange adaptors

Table E flanges

DIN flanges

 Split groove flanges

Table E flanges

DIN flanges

 Groove Reducers

Groove-ends reducers

Threaded-end reducers

 Thread converters

65BSP – 80GR

65BSP – FBT 5V


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