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Hydrant Risers

Available Sizes: 1.0m; 1.2m; 1.4m
Pipe Sizes: 100NB, 150NB & 200mm
Table E flanges

Hydrant Galvanised Pipes

Available in 100NB, 150NB & 200NB in stock

Storz Adaptor 65mm & 150mm

Fire Protection
Max WP: 1400kpa

Storz Cap

65mm plastic
150mm Aluminum

Wheel Lock Box

For 65mm landing valves
Material Plastic
003 Padlock

Bull Head Tee

80 x 100 x 80 GR
FM / UL Approval

End Run 100 x 80

100 x 80 GR
FM/UL Approval
25mm BSP Thread

Reducing Elbows 100 x 80

100x80 GR
FM/UL Approval

Threader Converter 65BSP - 80GR

65mm BSP Threads
80mm GR

Thead Converter FBT 5V - 65mm BSP

thread converter from FBT 5V to 65mm BSP. Galvanized

Hydrant Booster Cabinet

Sprinkler Booster Assemblies
Hydrant Booster Assemblies
100NB Boosters
150NB Boosters
200NB Boosters

Hose Reel Cabinet

For Standard Hose Reel

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