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-- Suitable for transferring liquids of low viscosity, noninflammable and non-explosive, not containing solidparticles or fibers

--Water supply & drainage for high-rise buildings.filtration and transfer at waterworks, pressure boosting
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-- Washing and cleaning systems, boiler feeding, coolingwater circulation, water treatment systems, auxiliarysystem, support equipment.

-- Ultra-filtration systems, reverse-osmosis systems, distillationsystems, separators, swimming pools
Agricultural irrigation: sprinkler irrigation, drip-feed irrigatione Food & beverage industrye Fire-fighting system

Operating Conditions

-- Low viscosity, non-inflammable and non-explosive liquidsnot containing solid particles or fibers. The liquids must notchemically attack the pump materials. When pumping liquidswith a density or viscosity is higher than that of water, a motorwith a higher output power rating shall be used

-- Liquid temperature: -20C-+120Ce Flow ranges: 0. 7-120 m/he Liquid PH value: 4-10

-- Max ambient temperature: +40

-- Max operation pressure: 33 bar

-- Altitude: up to 1000m

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