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Smoothflow (previously called Smoothflo Pumps, the same ABN number) has been importing and manufacturing pumps since1997 for Australian market and started to supply DIN pumps to pump engineering companies, such as Kelair Pumps, Prime Pumps, All Pumps, Aline Pumps, General Pump Co. Hunter Pumps, KSB Australia, Pump Doctor, Pump Power, Pumps Australia and Allied Pumps. Smoothflow has started to supply pumping equipment for HVAC market since 2005. There are more than 20000 pumps in plant rooms nationwide. Smoothflow has involved in supplying fire pumps and fire protection products since 2010.

Smoothflow is one of main suppliers with extensive range of pumps and pumping systems. Our main products include:

      Ø Hydrant pipes                                   Ø Hydrant pumps                             Ø Sewage pumps   

       Ø Fire fighting pumps                           Ø HVAC Pumpsets                          Ø Solid handling pumps 

       Ø Domestic cold water pumps              Ø Stormwater pumps                       Ø And much more                                              

       Ø Chemical pumps – FZS type             Ø Pump stations and poly tanks 

       Ø Hot Water Circulating pumps            Ø Filtration/Ultra Violet Disinfection                            

       Ø Rainwater re-use pump system          Ø Grooved fittings for fire protection systems 

       Ø DIN and ISO Bare shaft Pumps         Ø Close coupled pumps – horizontal and vertical     

       Ø Multistage pumps - horizontal and vertical                 

Whether it’s residential, commercial or industrial, our wide range of products are designed to fit your individual needs.

Overviewing Australian market in past years, we could say at Smoothflow, the pumping equipment we supplied, not just had premier quality but also carried excellent after-sale-service.

Smoothflow has testing facilities in workshop and all pumping equipment including hydrant pumps (or fire pumps) will be tested prior to despatch.

As a most trustable name, the care and commitment to our customers are number one priority.

Why Choose Us?

Since 1997, Smoothflow has focused on providing quality pumps, pumping equipment and customised solutions to a wide range of customers. With customer satisfaction and quality at our forefront, you can rest assured that you’ll be fitted with the right product for the job.

· Our qualified and skilled team is the guarantee for the best results.

· Wide range of stock for prompt despatch

· The workshop testing is the guarantee for product compliance.

· Customised design saves you time and guarantee for best fit on site.

· Comprehensive documentation, technical drawings, and product manuals available on website

· Our skills and experience ensure your project is always completed on time.

               · Prompt customer service is the guarantee for shortest site downtime.

              - Wide range of spare parts for site repair

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